Tease Please

Adult Pleasures and Premium Gratification, For Everyone.

INDULGE is about pleasure-positive,
imaginative play for everyone because everybody is worth celebrating.
And everybody deserves a happy ending.

Naughty Butt Nice.

Show a little restraint now and then. These toys dominate when it comes to getting in the mood.

Luxury Butt Plugs

Time to be Extra Naughty Butt Nice!

Tails, You Win!

Let’s get foxy fairytale style. Shimmy, sway and shake - it’s heavy petting season all year long.

Pleasure Players.

Let’s up the ante on pleasure, alone or with partner(s). There’s toys for everyone, all the time.

At INDULGE, we’re here to help break down pleasure barriers. Open conversations. Increase universal acceptance. And encourage spicier, more satisfying adult experiences. To that end, we maintain high standards. Focus on safety. Work toward inclusion. And in reflection of our own veteran and wife shared values, buy American.