handcuff anal sex toy
Handcuff Butt Plug
Handcuff Butt Plug
Handcuff Butt Plug
Handcuff Butt Plug
Handcuff Butt Plug
Handcuff Butt Plug
Handcuff Butt Plug
Handcuff Butt Plug
Handcuff Butt Plug
Handcuff Butt Plug

Handcuff Butt Plug

Go the intense sensual pleasure route with our BDSM sex toy restraint Handcuff Butt Plug Set, bound to make your intimate experiences irresistibly spicier.
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Butt Plug Size
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Introducing our revolutionary BDSM sex toy restraint - You and your partner deserve the best of pleasure and satisfaction with a Handcuff Butt Plug.

Butt Plug attached to Stainless Steel Handcuff. This unique product is designed for those who crave intense pleasure and exhilarating sensations, which is perfect for bondage enthusiasts and couples looking to explore their deepest desires.

Feature 1: Unleash Your Fantasies - Experience the ultimate in restraint play with our popular handcuff Butt Plug. Indulge in power dynamics and surrender to your dominant or submissive desires.

Feature 2: Premium Quality - Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, Super heavy and strong feeling. These handcuffs are durable and provide a sleek and elegant look. The smooth and polished surface ensures maximum comfort during prolonged use.

Feature 3: Versatile Design - The Butt Plug attached to Stainless Steel Handcuff offers a satisfying fullness and can be comfortably worn for extended periods.

Feature 4: Adjustable Fit - Our handcuffs feature a secure locking mechanism that allows for easy adjustment to fit a range of wrist sizes. Whether you prefer a snug or looser fit, these restraints provide the perfect balance between comfort and restriction.

Feature 5: Easy to Clean - The stainless steel material is non-porous and hygienic, making it simple to clean before and after use. Just use warm water, mild soap, or a sex toy cleaner, and your handcuffs will be ready for your next adventure.

Indulge in the world of BDSM and elevate your pleasure to new heights with our Butt Plug attached to Stainless Steel Handcuff. Unleash your desires and experience the exhilarating sensations that only this unique sex toy restraint can provide.

Small Plug

  • Over All Length: 2.75" inches
  • Widest point Diameter: 1.1" / 2.54 cm
  • Inserted Length: 2.5" / 6.35 cm
  • Stem Diameter: .35" / .89 cm
  • Weight: 1.8 ounces / 48 grams

Medium Plug

  • Over All Length: 3.0" inches
  • Widest Point Diameter: 1.38" / 3.56 cm
  • Inserted length: 2.8" / 7.11 cm
  • Stem Diameter: .35" / .89 cm
  • Weight: 3.3 ounces / 90 grams

Large Plug

  • Over All Length: 3.5" inches
  • Widest Point Diameter: 1.65" / 4.32 cm
  • Inserted length: 3.25" / 8.26 cm
  • Stem Diameter: .50" / 1.3 cm
  • Weight: 4.6 ounces / 147 grams



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